Welcome to your opportunity to train with ZUU Founder Nathan Helberg in ODIN GRIP.

The men who join this program want to change their lives by goal setting with a pro and be held accountable for it.

Most of all they want to experience training in a group live with Nathan twice a week via zoom.

Nathan will help you break down key areas in life and understand the daily process he uses to be successful.

Whether that's related to self or other areas, Nathan is world renown for getting results.

If you love to train and want the opportunity to do so with the founder of a fitness brand nows your chance!

Nathan works on a 3-month minimum at $1800.00 ($600.00 per month)

Those that want to join for 30 days only is $850.00

"It takes work to keep a marriage together"

"Not all men are talkers, I'm not. Not all men want to cry as society tells them to, I don't. That doesn't mean I'm trying to be tough or that I'm not in touch with my emotions, it's just who I am.

These men are the same. They want to sort their shit out and are looking for the practical tools from others wired like them who have walked this path."

Men who want to train with me in my ODIN GRIP Program have usually done some ZUU bodyweight training or research on who I am. They've listened to me speak and read my posts.

They understand I hold myself accountable every day and want to be able to do the same.

They have different areas of their life they feel aren't firing on all pistons, whether that's to do with themselves, relationships or business, they know they need some assistance and momentum to get it back on track.

This is the program for them.

This is a 3-6-12 month program.

How Does It Work?

Nathan focuses on all aspects of health by using a very unique physical approach. It empowers these men to set new foundations or repair old ones to be the man they once were.

They work in a group to stay accountable training twice a week. The ODIN GRIP workbook needs to be filled out each day.

The online platform also has many videos to help in the four key areas Nathan's works on. These are invaluable resources for men to watch as they progress.

Who Is It For?

Men who love to train (or used to train) and want to increase their physical health.

Men that know they need to be held accountable.

Men who feel like their life on auto-pilot.

Those that feel like they're running through the motions and need to set some specific goals.

Imagine when you have control of the areas of your life!

Just imagine being in a group of like-minded men that want to get on with it.

Jump on board and start that goal-setting process to take your life where it needs to be!